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CAUTION: Contains funky beats, smooth melodies, and music from the soul. Contents may be highly addictive

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Pandoras Box (Featuring WaFeeKee)


An experiment in Funk, Jazz, Blues, Hip-hop, Rock and every other style that comes along, Zen Robbi makes an effort to reshape the sound of popular music today.  Zen Robbi has evolved from a raw jam band into a diverse, refined act with a strong Southern California following. Heavily influenced and inspired by Bob Marley, Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots, Primus, The Stray Cats, Jimi Hendrix, the band who did the Ren & Stimpy theme song, James Brown, Sublime, Martin Sexton, ThePresidentsoftheUnitedStatesofAmerica, Jeff Beck, The Police, John Finn, Red Man, Lee Wertman, B. B. King, Nas, Incubus (Pre-pop), OINGO-BOINGO, J5, Ray Charles, Carlos Santana, Too Short, CAPPA-E and Wafeekee, this band has a sound all its own. "Company",is  their third album on Soul Surfer Records. With a strong dose of talent and desire to create from the soul, Zen Robbi’s music can be seriously habit forming.


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Tawny singing "I Like to Swing"

Zen Robbi

At Soul Surfer Records, our focus is on the love of music and we are always interested in working with truly talented new artists. Zen Robbi is one of the hottest acts to hit the stage in Southern California; their sound is funky and melodic, with strong lyrics and powerful vocals that will have you singing along in no time.

Zen Robbi  have been playing their high-energy shows all year from Long Beach to San Diego and are getting ready to go back into the studio. Their music  has  been  featured on the Fox Sports program 54321 and Re:Evolution.  You can also hear Zen Robbi on several new extreme movie sound tracks including "Respect the Mask," Raging Nation Motion Pictures' "Fluid Revolution" and the upcoming “Concepts of Motion,” out in stores this year.

Mic Dangerously - Guitars and Vocals


What if Marley and Hendrix hung out with the Chili Peppers..


That’s Mike...


Live in Long Beach
Timmy laying down the thunder
Timmy "Too Tall" Baker - Bass, Big Fat Bass in your Face with the Beat to Groove You...


That’s Timmy...


The Early DAY's
Mike & Timmy recording at Boothbay Studios
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