Ricky Fante & The SoulSurfers
Ricky Fante & The SoulSurfers
Soul Surfer Style
It aint Easy video shoot
Director Fatema Robinson
The Soul Surfer Records crew and special friends
Soul surfer Records new Artist Elijah Rock writting with Scott
A day with Jay
Jessie Harris & Scott Rickett in NY

Check out what Issac says about Ricky and his future, click on one of the pictures below for more information.


Ricky and Issac
Soul Surfers
Ricky getting into the NY groove
Soul Surfer's NY headquarters
Ricky always gives 110% even during rehearsals
Iris Swinea & Elijah Rock Lying down the vocals
Ricky wishes he could just plug it in
Comedian Bo "P"
Dw giving Mikie mad props
These series of pictures are from the cd cover shot
David Ezrin hanging out with the Soul Surfers
Ricky getting ready to sing "Haunt You Forever"
Scott laying down Haunt You Forever
DW working with Ricky & Scott @ Boothbay Studios
Zen Robbi
Scott, Mike, Gary, and Riz jammin some live recordings
Mike Hansen Rockin the beat
David Ezrin Rockin The Key's
Soul Surfer Records Japan President Yoshinobu Misawa and crew, Yumi, LBJ, Mike(Zen Robbi) Monet, Scott , Claudia
Live at level one in Hollywood
Live at the Back Stage in Beverly Hills