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Soul Surfer Records is proud to announce a partnership between Darren Porter & Raging Nation Films, Evolution-X Productions and Soul Surfer Records. Soul Surfer will be doing all sound track scores to their upcoming action sports films. Raging Nation films are on the cutting edge of one of the newest extreme adrenalin sports out there. The first of four new films has just been released: "Fluid Revolution," a journey into the core of Kiteboarding, is the most visually intoxicating sport to come along in years. Adam Koch, the current world champion, and Will James take you on an expedition to ride the most exotic and beautiful places on earth. Go to the contact page for links to check it out.


Soul Surfer Records is proud to announce an exclusive partnership between Forced Induction Productions and Soul Surfer Records. Soul Surfer Records will be doing all sound tracks for their upcoming series of the only extreme underground driving films, Tijuana Slide Squad "Respect the Mask," the first of three in the series is due to be released soon. Check back soon for more information, links and sound tracks.

Fluid Revolution & Raging Nation Motion Pictures
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Fast Times Films

Fast Time Films new release is out of control **** Finally, a DVD that's got it all. If you took the wild stunts in Jackass, the bare breasted flashing hotties of Girls Gone Wild and the high flying and hardcore crashes of the X-Games, You'd still only get half of what's jam packed into the hottest title this year! It's the ultimate party tape! Topless spring break beauties! Mardi Gras undercover! Go to South Padre Island, Baja California, Ft. Lauderdale, Southern California, Australia, Germany and more without ever leaving your couch. Whether you're into Freestyle Motocross, BMX, Skate, Surf or Snow, everyone will agree that when these top notch, Alternative Sports athletes eat Sh@t, it's gonna' make you gasp and cringe! Not only does Crazy Chicks and Party Tricks have the recipe for success visually, it's got one of the hottest and most explosive soundtracks to date! With hit tunes and the latest songs by: Guttermouth, Authority Zero, Bickley, Fenix*TX, DJ Assault, T.A.S.C., The Slackers, Blazing Haley, Groove Foundation, Temperedcast, Smogtown, En-Kor, Scott Rickett & Soul Surfer Records, Silicon Monk, The Migraines, Teenage Knockouts, Rickshaw, Wing Nut Supreme, Gem Powaz and more. These include some MTV and MTV2 featured artists!

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Check out what we think is the new alternative to file sharing:

Who Makes Weed?

Weed is a service of Shared Media Licensing, Inc., a group of musicians and software developers from Seattle, Washington. They envisioned Weed as a better solution to the problems of Internet file-sharing. File-trading is here to stay, so finding a way to legalize it and supporting musicians at the same time is the most equitable solution for all parties concerned. Independent musicians and small labels have a hard enough time making a living these days, so something revolutionary is needed to give them some leverage.

Weed encourages file-sharing while making payments to musicians at the same time. File-traders who respect artists' rights are rewarded and a new community of file sharing is born! Anyone who buys a few songs can become a distributor and put up a page with their songs or put these songs on a P2P network.

How Does it Work?

You can play Weed files up to three times for free on your PC and after three plays, you're asked to pay for the file. You can use any current Windows Media-compatible player software to play the file. The Weed software is used to purchase it. Once you purchase a Weed file, you're free to play it all you want on up to three PCs. You can also burn the Weed files you buy to CD and play them on your stereo, or transfer them to portable devices, like the Creative Labs Nomad, RIO, or any current Pocket PC.

The Basics

1.       Make sure you have a PC media player that plays Windows Media DRM files (.WMA).

2.       Download lots of Weed music and listen to each song up to 3 times.

3.       Do you love the song? Buy it using the Weed software. Congratulations, you bought some cool and legal music, but even better, you have just directly supported the artist!

4.       There's more! If you buy the file you can now get paid if you pass it on to others who buy it!


Sharing Weed Files - It's a Good Thing!

Best of all, you can share Weed files with anyone you like, as long as the files remain in their original form as Windows Media files. If someone you share a file with purchases that file, you'll earn a payment for helping to distribute it. E-mail these files to your friends, upload them to the Internet, burn your purchased WMA file onto CDs and give them away!

Say you just bought a weed song for $1.00 that you downloaded from a file-sharing site. This file has traveled around, because Joe placed that song there after he bought it, after Sarah sent it to him via Instant Message. Sarah bought the song after downloading it from Ed's website. Who knows where Ed found it! The point is that any form of distribution will work.

Now you e-mail the song to your friend Fred, who listens to it three times, loves it and decides to buy the song for $1.00.

Fred buys a song you bought and distributed


You get:


Joe, who distributed to you gets:


Sarah, who distributed it to Joe get:


Every time a song sells:

Weed collects


Artist collects


You can get 35% (20%+10%+5%) for a single file as it is distributed onwards to 3 people (one after another) after you bought it. This is a very simplistic assumption, but 100 people buy a song after you pass it on that could become worthwhile. It's all about how well a song gets distributed. This simple yet ingenious addition to the 3x free play concept will help revolutionize the music industry! Let's not forget about the music though! Spreading music around is great, but the satisfaction of knowing that the artists get direct benefits can also provide provide in ownership.

Click here to download the Weed software now! Make sure to choose a memorable Weed folder in which to keep all your song files including the Weed software. You will need the software if you wish to buy songs but it is not required to listen to the songs the first three times.