Elijah Rock

"The Preacher Of Love Volume I"


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Elijah Rock 

***Elijah Rock @ 10pm*** The Temple Bar
1026 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, Ca


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The Preacher of Love
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Elijah Rock and  his  10 piece cosmic orchestra are the next generation of funk, swing, soul. 



-Let’s start from the beginning.


Elijah Rock is the new sound in Gospel Rock music.   He is that new and rare breed of artist that comes along and stirs things up.  His talent, versatility, and experience is unparalleled in the recording industry. 

In Cleveland, Ohio his path opened up to him in the church where he began singing at the tender age of six.  The gospel of song and spirit propelled him into various phases of music, but the original thrust has always been rooted in gospel music.  Gospel music has a hold of his very essence and he reveres its power and energy; an energy that will make anyone stand and break into a Soul Clap!!

As his gift of music matured and evolved, Elijah honed his craft singing in many different Opera productions including La Boheme, Carmen, and Turandot.  In high school, he became one of the first vocalists to be accepted into the prestigious Young Arts Program at the Cleveland Institute of Music.  In addition to his formal training, Elijah has been around the world and back again!

In 1996, he moved to Los Angeles and became a soloist with the Los Angeles Jubilee Singers.  This experience took him around the United States and abroad.  Elijah specialized in singing the Negro Spirituals and various African Folk Songs.  After his tours ended, he began to really hone his craft by producing and performing his own solo showcases, most notably, a show entitled, “Things Are What They Used To Be”, performed in New York City.  While in New York, Elijah also acted on and off Broadway.

Elijah Rock is FUNK-TI-FIED  Elijah’s style, carriage, and essence is indeed funky and unique.  New York fed his creative energy and spawned an artist that understood his gospel roots, but recognized the sounds, the sights, and the character that most people affectionately call “The City.”  Harlem, New York has always been recognized as a breeding ground for artists, and after spending five years in Harlem honing his writing and performance skills, Elijah began to absorb and transform the hip hop element that feeds his Gospel Rock sound.    

Elijah Rock is SOULFUL  A free spirit that will soon be known to all who experience his immense talent and Love, returned to Los Angeles with all of the tools that would contribute to his sound.  It didn’t take long before his energy reached the eyes and ears of Scott Rickett and Virgin Recording Artist, Ricky Fante.  They saw in Elijah an enigma; an artist who has been able to purge gospel, folk, jazz, hip hop, and classical into a sound that is captivating.  His music, infectious stage performance, and impeccable showmanship is something you have to experience for yourself; it is undoubtedly the future of music.  When asked about his fresh new sound he said, “Let your Spirit take hold of the NEW FUNK SOUL.”     


Elijah Rock & Ricky Fante
The Soul Surfer Family