David Lawrence Ezrin December 3rd, 1966- December 3rd 2008


David Ezrin made his transition on December 3rd . In memory of David, the Soul Surfer family has invited family and friends to share thoughts and words that celebrate and remember his extraordinary life.

The heart of a man is made up of his passions, his will, and the fortitude it takes to stay true to the convictions that define him. David was a masterful artist and dedicated father. As a pianist, songwriter and storyteller, he used the universal language of music to speak his truths. With profound intellect, he was a man that heeded the virtues of provocative thought and deep introspection. He was courageous and never afraid to sound the bellow of the symbolic trumpet, fully aware that the melody of unfamiliar keys was the manifestation of his innate genius.

David stood firmly in his vision for humanity, and the generosity by which he shared his life through action, brought inspiration to those fortunate to know him. Through his love of music, his endearment to family and his commitment to friendship, David the teacher, leaves us with valuable lessons in the authentic meanings of service and selfless love.

Our love for David is reciprocal and without condition. As you read these letters, allow David’s life to remind us during this time of reflection and beyond, of our own lives, and how we too, are beholding of the great Light. In gratitude, let us use it to serve others and to make our world a more loving and friendlier place. David remains in our hearts and in our minds as a brother, a son, a father, a friend and above all, a unique and beautiful spirit that lives on. For, we have heard the trumpet call, and thus, we carry David’s Light with us now and forevermore.

Peace and Blessings,

Words by Elijah Rock on behalf of the Soul Surfer Family


First Name: Bob
Last Name: Ezrin

 On behalf of the family, I wish to thank Scott, Elijah, Ricky and all of the folks that David worked with at Soul Surfer Records for their generosity of spirit and for loving and caring for my son. David's greatest pride outside of his daughter was this company and all of its accomplishments. To him, SSR represented his vehicle for expression beyond just his writing but through his association and his work with many other talented artists. He was so very proud of all of you and of everything that you have done together. It is truly fitting that his memorial page should reside here where he felt he had accomplished the most in second half of his short life.

The entire family is grateful for your continued support and for your efforts to keep the best parts of David's memory alive and available for all to see. Because you were David's family, you are our family too. We celebrate your accomplishments and we are proud of you all. Keep fighting for truth, beauty, love and humanity as they are the only things of value in life. David's ideals were lofty - sometimes loftier than his reach. But they were the right ideals for the sake and health of the world. In honor of David, I know that we will all do our best to uphold them and will strive to live up to them.

With love and deepest thanks,

Bob Ezrin....David's Dad

Lita Ford

Oh my dear friend Ezzy….

The world has lost a wonderful person, a talented musician, and great song writer.

I have so many fond memories with Ezzy.

Writing songs, partying, wondering how we were going to get home – hahahaha.

He was so much fun to be around, so creative.


David left us all a beautiful girl, Zoe.

May her life always be full of love and passion.

I hope she knows how much her Dad loves her.

He was always talking about her.

He was so proud of his little girl.

I loved hearing him talk about Zoe – it warmed my heart.


The last time I saw David was when he came out to our house in Florida about 10 years ago.

We had a lot of fun. He hung out with my husband a lot on that trip and he has a great story to share.


Ezzy wanted to go fishing - deep sea fishing.

So I got a few friends together and booked a 12 hour trip.

To get to the good fish took 4 hours!

Ezzy slept all the way there.

When we got there he woke up and started puking – he was soooooo sea sick!

Funny how you’re always OK until the boat stops!

So there we are, 4 hours from shore and Ezzy’s sick as a dog.

I finally talked him into fishing.

He could either puke and do nothing or puke and catch some fish!

We slayed ‘em that day.

We have a picture at our Caribbean home that I’ll try to grab so I can scan it to post.

We caught over 400 pounds of grouper and snapper!

So we get back – after another 4 hour boat ride and Ezzy takes 1 step off the boat and gets stung in the face by a bee – OMG!

It was unbelievable!

He just started laughing and we took the picture with our fish.

He said even though he got sick he loved that fishing trip.

He was so happy that we did it.

When we got home we went to the studio….

Ezzy heard a track I was singing on and wanted to play on it.

We drank a bit of wine and recorded until 3 in the morning.

He was acting like the Phantom of the Opera – it was awesome!

We were like 2 teenagers.

We had such a fun day.


Ezzy touched a lot of people. Jim and I will  miss him a lot.

We both wish we would have spoken to him more regularly.

You always think that you have tomorrow…


Rest in peace Ezzy,


Jim and Lita

Jim Gellete
Jim & Lita
Please take a moment to share your thoughts about David
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Last Name
Company Name
E-mail Address
First Name: Patricia
Last Name: Onakoya
Company Name:
City: Washington
State: DC
Comments: From the Washington, D.C. family of Ricky Fante - our deepest respect and loss!!!  (Ricky's Mom)

First Name: Mark
Last Name: Piotrowski
Company Name:
State: New Jersey
E-mail Address: witchtheband@hotmail.com
Comments: Thanks for years of great music and fond memories, David. It was 20 years ago, but it seems like only yesterday when I lost so badly to you playing blackjack! The Lita Ford and WITCH shows were really a blast.....My condolences to your family.

First Name: Ellen
Last Name: Simpson
Company Name:
City: Toronto
State: Ontario

Comments: I knew David before he was born. Close friends with his parents

First Name: Tom
Last Name: Boyle
Company Name: Ex-Jezebels Manager
City: Claremont
State: California
E-mail Address: boyletom@peoplepc.com
Comments: I was so very saddened to learn of Davids passing through the Witchtheband site, what a wonderful soul he was and is and may God bless him and you all and my Love to you from across the years that have seperated us all in body only. David may your soul soar with the angels....From Tom Boyle Ex-manager of Jezebel's Nightclub.

  I would like to send our deepest condolences to You, David's family and everyone at soul surfer records. His presence among us was a gift to all who had the blessing of knowing him and experiencing his talent. Even back in those wild days in the 80's he had such an aurora of kindness and caring that was unique and a talent that was inspiring ,And while We and this world are at a loss for his passing, I am sure the angels of heaven rejoice at his addition to their chorus, our loss is their gain to be sure.

 I am perhaps being presumptuous assuming you remember me Tom Boyle the Ex-manager of jezebel's nightclub so I have attached some old pictures to jog your memory and some pictures from the present (Oct.2008) of me and my two wonderful sons. I am still together with my girlfriend Dawn the red head who worked the door in the later days of jezebel's (89-94) and we are celebrating our 19th anniversary this year.

Soul Surfer Records has changed the name from Music for Charity to "David Ezrin Music for Charity" to honor our brother who was a part of this great program.

David Ezrin Music For Charity
Soul Surfer Records has a program called "Music For Charities" This creative new program makes it possible for Charities to have their information and graphics printed on a CD with the music of the Irvine young artists and other Soul Surfer Classical artists. The charities are able sell or get donations for the CD’s generating income and sharing the gift of music. The Artists are able to finance their program and expand into other communities across the country in hopes of pushing the levels of modern classical music to new highs. This program was very special to David and he wanted to see this opportunity offered to schools and artist across the US and Canada. We hope to continue to expand and grow this program with the help of each of you and companies across the nations that believe in the power and gift of music.

Here is some music David co-wrote produced or performed on.
Here is one of the many songs David Wrote with Scott Rickett & Elijah Rock for his first album "Preacher of Love Volume 1"

Vivaldi 3rd Movment "Winter"
Performed by the Irvine Young Artists



David Ezrin & Scott Rickett wrote and recorded this song many years ago and it expresses David’s amazing ability to create timeless music

Xodus by"Lucian" David Ezrin on keys and vocals, Scott Rickett on Guitar and vocals, Hayden Burke on Bass and Vocals and Mike Hansen Ondrums
David Ezrin & Ricky Fante
David Ezrin Ricky Fante & Scott Rickett
SoulSurfer Crew
David Rock'n The keys
Jim Warmon & David Ezrin 1988 ( Photo Mark P.)
David Ezrin (Photo Mark P.)
Elijah Rock

David Ezrin is our brother. He is a soulsurfer and he is our friend. I speak in the present tense because David has left the body but he is present in Spirit. The music of his life reverberates in our souls, even now.

As I embarked upon the recording of my first album, it was David that explained how the music business "really" works. Not only did he lend his talents on piano, we shared a vision. A vision of how music is supposed to touch people, move people and bring inspiration to the lost. He would always affirm my talents and encourage our mission. He was a true renaissance man and we recognized each other. Dave wouldn't hesitate to go out of his way to introduce me to someone whom he thought could be instrumental to my budding career. He cared about me, the person first. The business came second.

David attended my son Enzi's first birthday party a year ago. Enzi will finally get to open the big electric truck that Dave gave him, this christmas. My wife Cat and I will tell Enzi that the gift has come from David Ezrin, Daddy's friend and a great and soulful man. You see, it was the purity of Dave's intention that made you overlook his flaws. Just last year, he took me to see the L.A Kings-my first NHL hockey game. With fire and his passionate play by play, Dave taught me the game and how it influenced him as a kid growing up in Canada. I'll never look at hockey the same, for Dave was so enthusiastic that we almost got kicked out of the staple center. I guess the guy in front of us couldn't handle his bodacious love of the game.

In closing, there were long talks, sensitive moments and heart to heart connections that we can all remember with Dave. But one thing is for certain, he has no greater love than for his daughter, Zoe. Zoe, many are meeting you for the first time, but we know you already to be a incredibly loving, beautiful and supportive daughter. Your father would light up like a light bulb every time he spoke of you-his pride and joy. He cherishes you and in this now, he is holding you closely in his arms. This is the David Ezrin I grew to know and love. Honestly, purely and with deep respect.

Soul Surfer,

Elijah Rock

Enzi's 1st Birthday party
Ricky Fante

When I think of Dave, here's a couple of things that come to mind in a instance,

#1 He talked of his daughter like the proudest of proudest dad's, his love for her was intense; you just felt it in the way he spoke of her, which was quite often..

#2 Without a doubt he loved the ground his father walked on. The last time I saw him, he talked of his father; he was extremely proud of his dad...

#3 My best memory will have to be, driving down the 405 freeway listening to classic rock and watching Dave just light up with memories with virtually every song the DJ played, as we would travel from L.A. to H.B. to record in the studio; It was like he had a story for every song; and I wanted to hear them all.

#4 Dave and I had a long going joke that atleast he and I understood; He would call me on the phone and say something like.."" Hey Rick!! one thing you're not going to here on t.v. is, Rosenberg just broke a tackle and ran 50 yards for a touchdown, followed by "" What a great pass from Weinstein"" he would say "" you're just not going to ever here that on t.v.....

#5 The thing that really stands out, is his passion for music and where it would take him whenever he felt like he had it right.

Soul Surfer

Ricky Fante


Gary Christmas

Dave Ezrin had such a unique way of looking at the world. He could take something that appeared simple and clearly
articulate the complexities of it in a way that made me really understand where he was coming from. He did this more
than once for me so it really gave me a glimpse into the mind of Dave Ezrin. Whether is was music, or politics, Dave
had his own way of seeing the world and I am a better man for knowing Dave Ezrin in my life.

Dave would light up like a Christmas tree when he would talk about his daughter. A whole new Dave showed up when he
would talk about how Zoe. He stood differently, he walked differently, he held his head differently. I think if you would have
asked Dave "what's the most important thing he ever created in his whole life" Zoe would be the first word out of his mouth.
I got to hang out with both Dave and Zoe on day and realized how much Zoe is like Dave. So sharp and really deep
for such a young girl, it was beautiful to see how close they were together and I know that Zoe was the most important
person in Dave's life.

When we were recording for Zen Robbi at the Village and Dave had a reason to speak, it was if he had waited for this
moment all of his life. He spoke to the guys with such passion for their music that they really got it, and they really responded
to Dave well. They really listened to Dave with new ears after their experience at the Village.

Magical moments with Dave were many, but I clearly remember Jamming with Scott and Dave one night and Dave was
incredible on the drums. I knew he played amazing keys, but he also played drums at a very high level and he was really amazing
at the subtle art of anticipating, adapting and even creating the next beats all while intuitively communicating with Scott and I like
we had jammed together for many years. Daves true love for percussion showed through in his ability to create amazing beats
and to intuitively blend it with everything that Scott and I were doing.

The world of Music will always remember Dave Ezrin for his heart and compassion for bringing music to the world. Whether playing
on the road, in the studio, or putting together a kids symphony with Scott for Fox, Dave's passion for bringing music to the world
was very real.

Dave's passion will be missed by a world who desperately needs passionate people.

Daves unique perspective will be missed by the world who clearly needs intellectual men.

Daves music will be missed by a world craving meaningful music to move their souls.

Dave Ezrin will be missed in many ways by many people... including me.

I miss you and send you the Highest Love, Light, Peace, and Respect David Ezrin


Soul Surfer

Gary Christmas

Scott Rickett

These are the bullet points that I spoke from at the services

  • Known Dave over 22 years – most Adult Life
  • Never had a brother - really considered Dave my older brother & family treated me with ultimate respect
  • He was highly intellectual and incredibly talented
  • He inspired me to be a better person and to never stop learning and growing
  • Spent 1000’s of hours together in the studio
  • He mentored me
  • In a town like Hollywood and a business like the music business, he believed in me and continued to share his gift with me.
  • He loved to share his knowledge of music with me and everyone else he came in contact with
  • David loved music, the art of music, and the process of creating music but just not the music business
  • David was a true artist and modern day renaissance man.
  • The education he gave us all about being passionate and to never compromise was priceless.
  • He taught me to believe in myself.
  • David had one of the most incredible and remarkable lives and loved to share all of his amazing stories with us, but one of the most talked about stories was the love for his family and daughter Zoe. A lot of the people he worked with that are here today, never met Zoe, but all of us knew her well. We basically saw her grow up through his eyes and the constant pictures and stories he would share with us. She was definitely the light of his life.
  • Our friend Gary asked him one time, " Dave what is your greatest accomplishment, and Gary was thinking music obviously and David answered immediately, Zoe!
  • David was also so proud of the rest of his family’s incredible accomplishments.
  • What I am going to miss most about David is his passion for everything In life, music, sports, family, everyone he came in contact with. David really cared about people first, many times before himself.
  • David was so humble and many of you may not know any of his amazing accomplishments.
  • First top 10 single at 19
  • First platinum album at 20
  • Wrote songs with some of the greatest musicians – ozzy osbourne, lita ford, nikky six, motley crue, lemmy from motorhead, just to name a few.
  • He has album credits on Alice Coopers album Welcome to my Nightmare (department of Youth) – summer hill choir.
  • Kiss Destroyer (God of Thunder)
  • lou Reed (Berlin) and many more.
  • David produced and gave many artists their first real professional recording experience
  • Ricky fante’s first album
  • Zen Robbies first three albums
  • Elijah Rock’s First album
  • Irvine Young Orchestras first album

A lot of you may know he was a great piano player and keyboardist, but he was also

  • an incredible songwriter
  • One of the best lyricists
  • Adamant about using proper Grammar in all of his songs and despised artists that didn’t use proper grammar
  • Some of you might not know, Dave was also an amazing Drummer, he would jump at any chance to jump behind a kit. His percussion background is one of the things that gave him his dynamics on piano.
  • Davids talent level was so elevated that he inspired everyone he worked with to better their craft.
  • I know David is watching over us today and has already assembled the greatest band together in heaven with his hero’s – John Lennon, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and John Bonham and they’re jamming right now.
  • David will always live on with me in every note of music I write and produce for the rest of my life.
  • David will always be in our hearts and souls with his music.
  • In closing I want to share with you one of the programs David created with me at Soul Surfer Records called Music for Charity.


David I love you, I miss you and I will never forget you.

SoulSurfer  Scott Rickett

Soul Surfer Crew
David Ezrin & Tawn Mastery
Jim Warmon, Peter Wabbit, David Ezrin, Punky Peru, Tawn Mastery, Scott Rickett ( Photo Mark P.)